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Humane Raccoon Removal & Trapping Service

If you are looking for a humane raccoon removal company in South Florida, DPS Wildlife Animal Removal & trapping DPS Wildlife Animal Removal help

Whether you have raccoons living in your attic, in another area of your home or even outside of your house, our team has the expertise to help. We can efficiently trap them and prevent them from getting back into your home and we will also make sure that any damage that they caused is swiftly repaired.

We use a humane raccoon removal process and offer 24 hour emergency animal control across from Vero DPS Wildlife is to Boynton Beach best and most economical solution

The DPS Wildlife Raccoon Removal Process

Starting with a thorough inspection of your property, our experts will figure out all the entry points the raccoons use to enter.

We will then set up humane traps to catch the raccoons followed by repairing and sealing up the entry holes. We won’t just leave you hanging though!

The team here at DPS Wildlife consists of experts who will clean up and disinfect the area affected by the raccoons while also restoring it to its prior state. Our trade carpenters can repair damage to your property including contaminated insulation in the attic.

How Do Raccoons Find Their Way Into Your House or Attic?

Raccoons are opportunists that will climb onto your roof and get through any holes that are present or climbing down your chimney if it is wide enough.

Alternatively, if there aren’t any holes existing, they will often create an opening in your roof return by pulling out the soffit. This large opening creates a huge potential for additional wildlife and needs to be addressed immediately!

Raccoons can cause havoc within your home, from chewing up the insulation to defecating everywhere, therefore you want to make sure that your house is correctly sealed so that they can’t get in to start with and so that they won’t come back after they’ve been removed.

We Have a Raccoon Control Solution Near You

Raccoons are one of the most common wild animals living in the United States. Weighing up to 25lbs, they aren’t an animal that you should approach without caution. Mating in the winter months, a female raccoon can mother up to 5 young and will be particularly protective of them.

Therefore, if you see a raccoon mom in your attic, you should expect her to be very defensive around her young. It’s far too dangerous to attempt to remove raccoons on your own.

If you get scratched or bitten by a raccoon whilst attempting to capture it, you can catch a deadly disease, such as rabies – so you should always be careful if you notice a raccoon infestation in your home.

How To Tell If You Have A Raccoon Infestation

Strong smell of urine and feces

If there is a strong smell of urine or feces throughout your home/attic you can confirm you have unwanted furry friends living with you.

If raccoons have been living in your attic for a while, the waste will start to accumulate and cause a foul odor throughout your home.

If you notice these feces, make sure that you don’t touch them! They can carry dangerous diseases and parasites such as roundworm.

Nocturnal activity

If you hear animal activity that’s strongest during the night, it’s likely you have a raccoon, or a family of them, nesting in your home.

There are of course other nocturnal animals that could be invading your home as well, such as rats, bats and other rodents. Raccoons are significantly bigger animals and they sound louder and heavier than most rodents do.

Loud animal sounds

Unlike many other furry invaders, raccoons make distinct sounds. You’ll likely hear scratching and gnawing sounds in your walls or attic with any kind of animal infestation.

Raccoons, however, are also rather vocal and make hissing, chattering, snarling and groaning sounds, which rodents typically do not make.

Baby raccoons may also be heard squeaking or whining if the mother is out looking for food. There is a distinct difference than the squeaks you might typically expect to hear from mice or rats though.

Holes and scratches near your chimney

Another telltale sign is if you notice holes or scratches starting to develop around your chimney, in the roof vents or in other areas of your home.

As raccoons are known opportunists and can climb to impressive heights, if your home is located next to a large tree, they will use it to climb onto the roof and get into your attic if there are holes in it that they can squeeze through.

Why Do Raccoons Choose To Live In People's Homes?

Raccoons chose to live within a house or within an attic because of the warm and consistent temperatures. When a female raccoon is pregnant or has babies with her, choosing a dry and cozy place in which to give birth and to keep them safe is a top priority.

Attics and homes also provide protection from potential outdoor predators. Having the assurance that they won’t be attacked.

When the weather is poor, another bonus is not having to live outside. This is a key factor as to why they would choose your attic over living outdoors.

Many raccoons are also drawn to living in houses as they are within easy reach of food sources – such as trash bins or even food that’s kept in your home. Raccoons are known scavengers, so they want to know where their next meal is coming from.

If you have a pet cat or dog, for example, you can expect that the raccoons will try and steal some of its food.

The Dangers Of Trying To Remove Raccoons On Your Own

When you see a raccoon infestation within your property, it may be tempting to try and remove the raccoons by yourself. However, by not using an expert raccoon removal service, you are setting yourself up for a loss in both the long-term and the short-term.

Trapping a Raccoon

Without the knowledge that comes with a professional service, you could attempt to trap the animals without fully understanding what it takes to remove them and exclude them from your home.

Even if you invest in a humane raccoon removal device, if it is not dealt with correctly, it could cause harm to both you and the raccoons themselves. If you set a trap up and leave to go out, for example, if the raccoon does get trapped, it will undeniably attempt to escape. This can cause it to injure itself and it may even try to bite you when you return.

Raccoon Diseases

Raccoons are not only susceptible to rabies (which can cause fatality to both humans and other animals if you don’t seek immediate medical treatment), but they can also carry the roundworm parasite, distemper and other infectious bacteria.

Although distemper is simply symptoms (such as seizures and respiratory infections) that are faced by the raccoon itself, if it is suffering from it, it can become incredibly violent towards you.

It can also infect pets, especially dogs, if they aren’t correctly vaccinated.

Baby Raccoons

Alongside the diseases and infections that raccoons can carry, they might also have babies that are hidden in the attic or within your house. Therefore by trapping them yourself and not thoroughly checking the area, you might leave raccoon babies by themselves to die in your attic.

The Expert Difference

By hiring experts, such as our team at DPS Wildlife, you can ensure that your property is thoroughly checked and that all traces of raccoons are removed from your property. We have industrial grade equipment that is specifically designed for this type of work.

Not only can we make sure the raccoons are gone and that they will stay out, we’ll also ensure to repair the damage caused and thoroughly disinfect the areas affected using materials stronger than typical household products.

Humane Raccoon Removal in Florida

When you are searching for a professional raccoon removal company in Florida that has years of expertise in removing raccoons, look no further than DPS Wildlife Animal Removal.

Raccoons are known pests that are incredibly sneaky, so they must be dealt with correctly if they infest your home. Here at DPS Wildlife we provide professional raccoon removal and prevention services and you can be assured that the raccoons do not return in the future.

Raccoons can be dangerous to humans (as well as animals), and they are not always the humane fluffy creatures that you see online. Therefore, you should treat them how you would treat any wild animal – with respect and distance.

Call DPS Wildlife Animal Removal today and get your raccoon infestation problem eliminated and your property returned to a safe, livable condition.