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Live & Dead Animal Removal From Attic

Dead Animal Removal, Attic Cleaning and Restoration

Do you have a dead animal in your attic, house or on your property? Or do you have living animals making a home in your attic? Ask us about our animal removal services today! It’s time to say goodbye to unwelcomed animals, dead or alive. When local wildlife decides to turn your home or office into a nest, that only means one thing for you… disaster. Wild animals can leave behind quite a lot of damage which can be overwhelming to a home or business owner.

Do you have a dead animal in your attic, house or on your property? Or do you have living animals making a home in your attic? Ask us about our animal removal services today! It’s time to say goodbye to unwelcomed animals, dead or alive.

When local wildlife decide to turn your home or office into a nest, that only means one thing for you… disaster. Wild animals can leave behind quite a lot of damage which can be overwhelming to a home or business owner.

In addition to that, they can also leave behind contaminated waste that seeps into the structure of the building and is a health hazard to everyone nearby.Thankfully, our team can help with dead animal removal and decontamination of affected areas. We also help with cleaning and restoring attics that have been taken over by wildlife, including replacing ruined insulation.

Read on to find out more about these services or call our team of friendly experts today if you suspect there’s an unwanted animal in your premises, dead or alive.

Dead Animal Removal

We often get calls from local residents and business owners who have problems with a dead animal in their attic, house or on their property.

Animals can enter a building through a number of different entry points. Hidden holes, unsealed access to crawl spaces or even new holes they create. Not all animals that go in also come out however.

The telltale sign of a dead animal in your roof, attic, crawl spaces or beneath the house is the smell.

If there’s a funny smell lingering around that you think might be a dead animal, give our experts a call. It can be hard to pinpoint where an animal has died, especially if it is in the crawl spaces. We’ll be able to locate it, remove it and disinfect the area around it as well.

Our hospital grade disinfectants help remove toxins and bacteria from the dead animal and any contaminated areas around it. We also use industrial grade air purification systems to remove any bacteria or smells that linger.If you’re concerned about more animals finding their way in, our team offers an animal exclusions service that is designed keep unwanted wildlife out by sealing all entry points.

Animals in Your Attic

When animals make themselves at home in your attic, they leave behind a trail of damage. From scratching at surfaces and chewing on whatever they can find to all the contaminated waste they leave behind.

If you notice a furry invader living in your attic, it’s best you call our team as soon as possible. It is dangerous to remove some animals on your own without the right equipment or protective gear due to the diseases they carry or bacteria that are in their waste. Contaminated animal waste can include:

Not only can this create an odor problem in your home or office, it can also be considered a biohazard as there is risk of infection spreading.

Common Culprits: The Types of Animals We Most Commonly Remove from Attics

Bat Removal

Bats are commonly found in attics and can turn them into a breeding ground. With over 50% of bats carrying rabies, we strongly advise you contact our team as soon as possible if you suspect you have a bat infestation.

Raccoon Removal

 Your attic is likely to be considered a safe haven for raccoons. It’s warm, dry and safe from predators. It’s the perfect kind of environment female raccoons seek to raise their babies. If you hear whimpers, purrs, snarls, hisses and growls, it’s likely you may have an unwelcome family of raccoons.

Opossum & Squirrel Removal

 Squirrels and opossums don’t make many vocal sounds in an attic though they do make scratching sounds. They also tend to be active during the day rather than only at night. These are just some clues if you think you have these types of furry invaders in your attic.

Rodent & Rat Exclusions

Like squirrels, rats and rodents also make scratching sounds in your attic. One of the biggest differences is that most rats and rodents are nocturnal and are mostly active during the night.

Our team can help identify and seal all entry points for all kinds of rodents with our rat exclusion service.

Cleaning and Decontaminating Animal Waste

Many animal droppings and waste products can cause serious diseases in humans and pets. Some common ones include:

Wild animal waste is also a breeding ground for mold to grow which can contribute to lung infections and breathing difficulties. Certain animal species, such as bats, have vile smelling feces which must be removed using high quality, industrial grade products.Our team use hospital grade disinfectants to clean and sanitize contaminated spaces. Our products are safe to breathe yet still powerful enough to thoroughly decontaminate an area soiled by animal waste.

We also use industrial grade fans to remove the strong, lingering smell of animal feces or dead animals. When an animal leaves a scent, other animals might try to break in.

For these reasons, it’s a good idea to call on our team to clean the area and have any lingering animal smells disappear for good. We can also seal all entry points to prevent animals coming in again. Animal removal is just the start, our wildlife exclusion services make sure you won’t have the same problem occur again.

Attic Restoration and Remediation

In addition to removing animals and decontaminating the spaces they inhabited, we offer services to restore an attic to its previous state. Animal waste and by-products of their inhabitation can lead to deep contamination of insulation, wood and other core building structures and materials. When it comes to animals living it your attic, there’s an easy fix.

You can call our team to clean and restore the attic on your behalf.

Rest assured knowing we will handle it all from start to finish and you’ll have your unwelcome guests out in no time.

Crawl Space & Attic Cleaning

As mentioned, we’ll thoroughly clean, sanitize and disinfect crawl spaces and attics where animals have made their nests. With our top of the range equipment, we’ll ensure your home is safe and that all decontaminated areas are treated.

Attic Restoration

With animals living in your attic also comes a degree of damage they create. After removing the animal (or animals) we’ll assess the state of your attic and advise whether it may need further work to be restored to its state before the animals moved in.

Our team consist of trade carpenters who can construct a new structure to replace any damaged or contaminated areas.

Attic Insulation and Blow Back Insulation

Insulation is generally the first to go when it comes to animals living in your attic. It’s also nearly impossible to clean out existing insulation and blow back insulation. In almost all cases, if you have an animal in your attic, it’s likely you’ll need to replace some portion (if not all) of the insulation.

At DPS Wildlife Removal, we will assess the situation and find the most cost-effective solution for your situation. We won’t recommend that you replace all of your insulation if only a small section is soiled. Rather, we’ll address the areas that are affected and save you money in the process.

The Full Attic Remediation Process

If your property needs to undergo an attic remediation process, here’s an outline of what to expect.

  • Step 1: House Inspection & Trapping

The first thing we’ll do is to inspect your house to identify how animals are getting in. Then, we’ll place humane traps in precise locations so that we can catch the animals as fast as possible.

  • Step 2: Removing all animals and their waste

Once the animals are trapped, our team will go in with respirators and necessary gear to remove all unwanted animals. Once they are out, we’ll clean out any areas covered in their contaminated waste.  

  • Step 3: Rip out contaminated insulation

We’ll then assess the extent of the damage to, and contamination of, insulation and remove anything that can no longer be used.

  • Step 4: Disinfection of surrounding areas

Using our hospital grade products, we’ll sanitize and thoroughly disinfect the area. The products we use are safe to breathe while also killing all bacteria they come into contact with.

  • Step 5: Restoration of contaminated structures

If any carpentry work is required, our trade carpenters will reconstruct damaged and soiled areas. Depending on the location and layout of the space, this could take some time.

  • Step 6: New insulation and blow back installed

With or without any construction work completed, we’ll still fully replace all insulation that was removed with new, recycled green fiber insulation. This option of insulation is a more cost effective and energy efficient option than fiberglass insulation.

  • Step 7: Airing out the space

We use the latest technology in air purification that will help clean the contaminated air and remove any lingering smells. Our state of the art air purification fans are industrial grade and built to handle heavy duty air filtration.

Our service also includes animal exclusions which seals off all entry points so that your house is protected in future from any other wildlife that seek to make their way in.

Need a dead animal removed or your attic restored?

If you have a dead animal in your home or office building or if you think there are unwelcome guests living in your attic, contact our team today!

We take the headache out of dead animal removal and attic restoration so that you and your family can rest easy knowing that there are no more animals making a home in your space.