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Bobcat Trappers

About Bobcats

Wild bobcats are elusive and move with incredible stealth. These predators have been known to attack small domesticated pets left unattended outdoors and in screened enclosures. If sick or injured, they can be aggressive toward people.

While keeping a bobcat as a pet in the state of Florida is completely legal (with a proper permit), they’re wild animals at the end of the day. They can weigh up to 30 pounds, have high energy levels and can act erratically.

Although they aren’t inherently dangerous, if you intimidate a bobcat, it can bite you. In terms of diseases, they can carry rabies – which can infect you and cause you to get severely sick and in some cases, can even be fatal.

If you have an unwanted bobcat on your property, get in touch today. Due to their large stature and erratic behavior, you should call our expert animal trappers who have extensive experience with humanely capturing wild animals.

You can rest assured no harm will come to the bobcat as we release all wildlife on our 2,000 acre ranch that’s far enough away from civilization to ensure they will not come back to your property.

All of Our Work is Guaranteed & Use State of the Art Humane Equipment.