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Feral Hog Animal Trappers

Feral hogs are one of the most common wild animals found it the United States, with approximately 5 million living throughout the country. Even though they’re not one of Florida’s native creatures, feral hogs have often been found in residential areas, foraging for food.

Unlike domesticated pigs, feral hogs can be very destructive and aggressive if they feel intimidated. They’re a huge animal, weighing up to 400 pounds and can pose a danger to both humans and pets. Hogs plough through the soil looking for worms, insects, small animals, tubers, roots and bulbs. This causes extensive damage to lawns, sports fields, golf courses and agricultural land used for crops.

Feral hogs can carry a variety of diseases, including Swine Brucellosis and Tularemia which, if contracted by pets, can be fatal.

Removing a feral hog from your property can be extremely dangerous due to how vicious they can be. If you see a feral hog in your house or in your yard, call our expert wild hog trappers today.

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