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About Armadillos

An armadillo may seem like a cute and innocent animal. But they can cause destruction to your yard because of the way that they dig for food. They are completely blind and when they burrow near your house, they may be prone to cracking underground piping and wiring.

Originating in South America, armadillos like to bury under houses and make dens underground. Although they’re inherently not dangerous to humans and rarely attack them, if they do feel threatened they may scratch you with their claws.

They can carry leprosy, which can be transmitted through their claws and also rabies, salmonella and tapeworms – which can easily be contracted by humans.

If you start to notice signs of an armadillo, replace your fences from which they’re burying under and contact DPS Wildlife. We will help you get the situation under control, removing the armadillo and preventing further damage.