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Opossum Trappers

About Opossums

For those that don’t know, possums are most commonly found in Australia and Opossums in America. Opossums are a common pest throughout Florida and tend to live in the attics of houses or underneath a deck.

Even though they’re known to eat harmful insects, they carry the threat of damaging your property’s structural integrity. They’re thought to be passive in manner and even play dead if they’re feeling threatened.

Opossums can carry a range of diseases, including leptospirosis which if untreated, can result in failure of the respiratory system, liver and meningitis. Despite not seeming to be vicious, they can scratch and bite if they feel intimidated.

If you see one in your home, do not pick it up with your bare hands. Call our experts who will come and sort out your opossum issue for you using our professional equipment and years of animal trapping experience.

All of Our Work is Guaranteed & We Only Use State of the Art Humane Equipment.